My Mazda Check Engine Light Went On: What To Do

You have nothing to fear when you notice that your Mazda Check Engine Light Went On. Many drivers who need to learn the solution to this problem tend to panic. If you have such a problem and are reading this article right now, your problems concerning the Mazda check light would be short-lived because your solution is here. 

This article will educate you on why the Mazda check engine light comes on and provide the solution.

Mazda check engine light plays a very important role in a car. For instance, when a vehicle component is not functioning properly, it alerts you that something is wrong with your car. The major problem drivers face with the engine light is that it doesn’t tell you where the exact problem lies in the car. You should always take this warning seriously by not ignoring the Mazda engine light for a long time.

Reasons Why Mazda Check Engine Light Is On

In every car model, the “check engine” alert on your dashboard is paramount and should not be ignored. As earlier stated, seeing such a sign means something is wrong with your vehicle, but this is not something you can diagnose yourself. Let us dive in directly to the major cause and common reason why your Mazda check engine light is on.

Common Causes of the Mazda Check Engine Light Turning On

1. Loose fuel cap

Immediately you notice the Mazda check engine alert, the first thing you should do is to check the gas cap. Sometimes, the check engine light turns on when the fuel cap is loose.

It can also be tuned on if the gas cap for your Mazda is different from the right one.

2. Low fuel

Another place you can check if the check engine light goes on is the fuel. When you notice the alert on your dashboard, check to see if you have a fuel shortage. When it is confirmed, try refilling your fuel as soon as possible.

3. Ignition coils or spark plugs

One most common causes of the check engine light are electrical problems. Fixing the electrical problem in the car can be complicated. In fixing this, you should check on the spark plugs, ignition coils, and spark plug wires.

4. Emissions

When a vehicle’s emissions control system is faulty, it could be a potential problem that may later trigger the check engine alert. The emissions control system includes a diesel Particulate Filter, Evaporative Emission Control, and catalytic converter.

5. Thermostat

The Thermostat of your car could be another dominant factor. Every car has a thermostat. A thermostat in a vehicle helps to regulate the engine temperature. When the Thermostat develops some faults or your vehicle has no coolant, you need to fix it as soon as possible.

6. Mass airflow sensor

When the Mass airflow sensor has a problem, it can be the reason to check the engine light coming on because it helps monitor airflow into the engine.


Below are some tips that could help you on the way when the Mazda check engine light comes on.

— When you notice the alert on your Mazda vehicle (whether it stays on or keeps flashing), slow down your car and visit the nearest authorized Mazda dealer asap.

— Avoid disconnecting the battery cables when you notice the alert on your Mazda vehicle. If the battery cables are disconnected and reconnected, it could ignite a fire in the engine, causing colossal damage.


We have been getting lots of questions from our viewers about how to reset their Mazda check engine light so that the light would be turned off. Well, the reason they are not getting answers is because of the following:

  • When you reset your Mazda check engine light, the problem remains because it won’t be fixed. And in no time, the alert will reappear. It is more like having a serious sickness and suggesting to sleep a little; you will be fine by the time you wake up. It doesn’t work that way. For you to be healed, you need medication. You have to visit a professional vehicle technician to figure out and fix the problem.

Even after resetting your check engine light, you still need to take it to a technician to have it inspected because the more you delay fixing your car, the more your car is vulnerable to significant damage.


Failure to tighten the gas cap well is a common reason your check engine light comes on. As earlier stated, this is the first thing you should check when the light comes on.

If you notice this problem, you can try the on-off method. When the method is employed, it refreshes the computer saved state when rebooting.

The below explains the on-off method:

— First, you have to insert your key into the ignition

— Turn your car on for at least one to two seconds

— Turn it off again for one to two seconds

— This step should be repeated three to four times


With the above information, we hope you must have known the Reasons Why Mazda Check Engine Light Is On and the solution to this problem. 

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