How Do I Drain Brake Fluid In 2006 Dodge Sprinter

Before you change the brake fluid in your 2006 Dodge Sprinter, you should know the steps to take so you don’t create a more significant problem while trying to solve one. Before you start draining the fluid, you should ask yourself the question, How Do I Drain Brake Fluid In 2006 Dodge Sprinter?

The importance of brake fluid should be balanced because it plays a vital role in maintaining brake performance and safety. 

As a Dodge Sprinter owner, you may have been thinking of draining the brake fluid in your vehicle but need clarification about how to go about it.

Well, you are in the right place because this article will tell you all you need to know about draining the brake fluid in your 2006 Dodge Sprinter, the equipment needed, and the steps to follow.

Tools and Supplies Needed to Drain Brake Fluid In 2006 Dodge Sprinter

Before you carry out a particular task, you must need instruments and equipment. Before you Drain Brake Fluid In 2006 Dodge Sprinter, you must have the following tools below:

 You must have a socket set or a wrench

⇒ If necessary, you should have a brake fluid reservoir cap wrench

⇒ You should have a clean container (a large one)

⇒ You must have a new brake fluid

⇒ Must have a funnel

⇒ A rag

⇒ jack stands or a hydraulic jack should be present

How Do I Drain Brake Fluid In 2006 Dodge Sprinter

Now back to the main question, How can I drain brake fluid? Follow the step below to learn how:

 Firstly, you must use a hydraulic jack or jack stands to lift the front of the 2006 Dodge Sprinter vehicle. This makes the bleed brakes and the brake fluid reservoir accessible.

⇒ After you have raised the vehicle, you have to look for the brake fluid tank. The brake fluid reservoir (brake fluid tank) can be seen near the vehicle’s front, on the driver’s side. The brake fluid reservoir cap has the name tag “brake fluid.”

⇒ The brake fluid reservoir cap may be stuck and difficult to lose. This is where the use of the wrench or socket set comes in. When you try losing the brake fluid reservoir cap, which is stuck, you can use the wrench or socket set to loosen it.

⇒ Once you lose the cover, you can put the clean container below the brake fluid reservoir. This is so that the drained fluid enters the container.

⇒ Use the wrench or socket set to lose the brake fluid bleeder valve located at the wheel cylinder slowly. When you carefully loosen the valve, the brake fluid drains into the clean container. While following these steps, the brake fluid reservoir should not run dry because air can enter the brake line once it does, making it more difficult to bleed the brakes.

⇒ Immediately you are done draining brake fluid into the container, close the bleeder valve and put back the brake fluid reservoir cap.

⇒ Repeat the same process on other brakes. Start with the bake farthest from the brake fluid reservoir following the above-given steps. This process on other brakes will flush out all old brake fluid.

⇒ You can refill the brake fluid reservoir with the new brake fluid using a funnel once you are done draining the old brake fluid. Before you refill with the new brake fluid, ensure the type of brake fluid for your 2006 Dodge Sprinter is correct. Check your vehicle manual to know the correct brake fluid.

⇒ You can add more fluid when it has not reached the normal level

⇒ When you are done, you can now remove the hydraulic jack or jack stand from your 2006 Dodge Sprinter, then check the brake to confirm if it is working properly.

Safety Advice To Drain Brake Fluid In 2006 Dodge Sprinter

In order to strike out any doubt about your brake, bleeding brake fluid is very important because it maintains and ensures safeties of your vehicle’s brake. When bleeding the brake fluid, there are safety measures you should consider.

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Wear protective gear when bleeding the brake fluid. You must put on safety kits like wearing goggles, gloves, and other kits to be protected from harmful chemicals from the brake fluid.

1. Use the proper tools.

Before bleeding the brake, ensure you have all equipment ready. Below are the materials needed:

  • Jack stands, or a hydraulic jack should be present
  • Funnel
  • Clean Container
  • New brake fluid
  • Socket set or a wrench 
  • Wrench
  • Brake fluid reservoir cap wrench, and 
  • Rag

2. Follow the correct procedure

When you bleed the brake fluid wrongly, it can create a serious problem with your braking system, making your vehicle unsafe. Before you carry on with the bleeding of the brake fluid, it is important that you use your owner’s manual or you visit a vehicle professional technical or mechanic.

3. Be cautious when handling brake fluid.

When draining the brake fluid, you should be careful not to spill the fluid on your car’s surface. The fluid contains chemicals that can burn out your vehicle’s painted surface. If there is a spill, do well to clean that up immediately and properly dispose of the old fluid.

4. Do not let the brake fluid reservoir run dry.

Make sure the brake fluid reservoir doesn’t run dry because once it does, air can enter the brake line making it more difficult to bleed the brakes. Your eyes should be on the level of the brake fluid. Do well to refill the reservoir when needed

5. Test the brakes after bleeding.

When you are done, you should test the brake to confirm it works properly. If it doesn’t work properly, or you notice slight problems, visit a professional mechanic.


This process, in general, is very simple to accomplish. To ensure the safety of your brake, draining the brake fluid in your 2006 Dodge Sprinter is needed.

Following the step above, carefully use the proper equipment to drain your brake and refill the system with fresh brake fluid. Lastly, remember to make use of the right type of brake fluid.

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