How to Bypass fuel Pump Relay

How to Bypass fuel Pump Relay

A fuel pump is a crucial part of the injection system of a vehicle, and it is essential to fix it because it can keep you stranded while driving. Today, we will answer how to bypass fuel pump relay.

You may not be opportune to reach out to the nearest mechanic; then, the quick solution is to bypass the fuel pump relay. But keep in mind that it could get disastrous and riskier if you don’t know the proper methods to bypass fuel pump relay.

What Does Fuel Pump Relay Do?

The fuel is passed to the Engine for combustion through the fuel pump relay. The fuel pump relay plays a significant role in fuel distribution to the Engine. It is triggered by the powertrain control module (PCM), whose responsibility is to pump sufficient power. The fuel pump can not work if the fuel pump relay is not working.

Vehicle fuel pumps fail for several reasons, but mostly when an electrical factor known as the fuel pump relay stops functioning appropriately.

The relay transmits voltage from the battery to the pump and could have stopped operating all because of a burnt-out fuse or corrosion. The primary purpose of a vehicle’s fuel pump relay is to deliver electrical current from the vehicle’s battery to the fuel injectors.

This usually puts gasoline in a fluid state to be appropriately distributed throughout the Engine and combusted as required.

Generally, when a vehicle’s fuel pump starts malfunctioning, the owners notice that the gas mileage decreases significantly, and the Engine starts faltering at vacant speeds. At this point, what you need is to specify if the pump relay is damaged or not.

After that, if there is an automobile shop around you, or you don’t have enough to spend, you can decide to do a temporary fix by bypassing it.

But reaching out to the expert and letting them fix the issue would be better because they can specify whether you need to change the fuel pump relay.

Without relays, it isn’t easy to control the connected operation of various parts of the Engine. The ECU monitors the indications to the relays.

It depends on whether the elements satisfy specific predefined situations programmed in the ECU.

If you are undergoing an issue of the vehicle not starting due to a lack of fuel supply to the Engine, don’t be frightened. This issue is common among vehicle owners.

If the car’s fuel pump relay is wrong and the fuel pump is not executing its operation in delivering fuel to the Engine, you may look for how to skip the fuel pump relay.

This article will discuss how to bypass the relay fuel pump, other purposes that need to be considered before experimenting with one, and the consequences of circumventing a fuel pump relay.

Why Would I Bypass Fuel Pump Relay?

We all know that The fuel pump relay issue can occur at any time if there isn’t a fuel pump relay procedure, the fuel pump wouldn’t work, and the car wouldn’t start if it has no fuel.

What comes into people’s minds is how to know a bad fuel pump when they stumble on a bad one.

A faulty fuel pump relay has two different intersections. One of the intersections is that the fuel pump relay is closed, and there is a consecutive power supply within the electric circuit.

This makes the fuel pump run continuously off and on. The problem is what enables you to bypass the fuel pump relay.

The second intersection is that the fuel pump relay is burnt, its circuit is terminated, and the fuel pump wouldn’t be active unless the fuel pump relay is changed.

The outcome is what people frequently encounter and get frustrated while looking for a remedy.

Below are the symptoms that get epitomized in a vehicle when undergoing a terrible fuel pump relay.

The Engine slows while driving.

The fuel pump relay is one of the factors of the Engine that operates endlessly, but owing to its stable existence, it gets faulty during operation, and the car suddenly stops.

Finding the Engine difficult to start

It’s understandable that if a fuel pump relay is faulty and has no power supply to the fuel pump, the Engine won’t pick up because it doesn’t earn the fuel required for its operation.

Fuel pump frequently priming.

If a fuel pump relay is stuck tight, it will always distress the fuel pump unless it dies out. So the fuel pump may drain your battery till it discharges completely. So when you try to start the car next, it won’t turn on.

There isn’t noise from the fuel pump.

At this point, they won’t be fuel pump priming, so you might not hear a fuel pump priming sound from the bottom of the back seat.

Check Engine Light

The ECU continually checks the fuel pressure via the fuel pressure sensors in the system.

But in the case of a bad fuel pump relay, there won’t be fuel pressure in the supply line, which might enable the ECU to glow the Check Engine Light on the dashboard.

The Check Engine Light will glow on the dashboard for a variation of malfunctions about the engine factors, so it’s essential to review the error codes appropriately before concluding.

How to Bypass Fuel Pump Relay.

You need to understand how the fuel pump relay operates and its parts.

The fuel pump relay may look straightforward, but it serves the basic procedure of connecting the power source to the fuel pump when required.

Below, we are going to list and explain how to bypass fuel pump relay

(1) Get The Necessary Tools.

It’s advisable to get all the tools in advance; This will save you time and make the procedure less tedious and productive.

Some of The tools include a three-jumper wire, screwdriver, soldering machine, single jumper wire, nut driver, a solder, a set of scissors, a lighter, electrical insulation tape, two screwdrivers, and a soldering gun,

(2) Park the Vehicle In an empty Parking Space

This is one of the crucial things to do When you want to bypass the fuel pump relay or drive the vehicle to an empty parking space and turn on the parking gears. This should be put into consideration.

(3) Turn Off The Vehicle

You should also turn off the vehicle Because you are dealing with an electrical component. This will prevent electric shocks from causing any harm to the vehicle’s components.

(4) Take off The Battery

You need to remove the battery from the vehicle since you will handle a fuel pump relay that attracts voltage.

While doing so, make sure you detach the negative wire first.

Furthermore, make sure you take off the battery from its enclosure to have some space to work on the IPM ( integrated power module)

Nevertheless, if your car’s fuel pump relay is found in the IPM’s circuit board, you may use a three-jumper wire.

Let’s dive into how you can use single and three-jumper

How to Bypass Fuel Pump Relay by Using A Single Jumper Wire

This is one of the easiest bypassing a vehicle fuel pump relay. All You Need is to identify the relay and disconnect it from the socket.

After that, replace it by setting one side of the single jumper cable to a socket and the other side of the jumper cable to another socket.

You can put the battery back accordingly and start the car. If the single jumper cable is positioned appropriately, the vehicle might start and go smoothly.

How to Bypass The Fuel Pump Relay by Using A Three Jumper Wire

(1)Separate The IPM Power wire And The Relay Cable

The IPM cable transmits power to the IPM, which delivers power to the relay cable.

To remove them, you can use a nut driver to disentangle the nuts that connect them to the IPM.

Keep in mind that if you don’t remove them, you might find it challenging to navigate through the IPM.

(2)Open The Interior Of IPM

It would be best if you opened the IPM Since the fuel pump relay is found in the circuit board.

(3) Bring The 40 And 50 Pin Connectors

The 40-pin connector is located at the rear of the circuit. In contrast, the 50-pin connector is found at the top of the course. Once you can identify the 40-pin connector and 50 -pin connector, remove them from the sockets.

(4)Work On The Brown wire On The 40 Pin Connector

Remove the 40-pin connector from the connector. This process can be done with a pair of scissors. Get lighter, peel its head, and assemble it to the brown cable of the three-jumper wire.

(5) Work on The 50 Pin Connector

You will assemble the blue and pink wires in the 50-pin connector with the blue and pink cables in the three-jumper wire.

This is because you won’t be disengaging it from the 50-pin connector but peeling a small portion with a razor blade.

After that, You will need to connect the pink cable from the three-jumper wire to the area you pilled

(6) Return The Connections

You will have to carefully return the 40 and 50-pin connectors to the sockets. You will also replace the IPM power wire and the relay cable to their territory.

(7)Make The Relay safe

Use a screw in the holding relay To make it safe.

(8) Put Three Jumper cables in a Firm position

Tie the three jumper wire to any of the circuit cables to avoid the connections from extricating when the vehicle vibrates

(9) Put The Battery Back to where you found it

Put the battery back to where you found it, and connect its wires. Always start with the unfavorable wire to avoid resulting in any plugs.

(10) Examine The Bypass Works to know if it works

All you have to do to check if the bypass works are working perfectly. When you start the car, it is the best way to know if it works. If the vehicle starts and runs adequately, then the process is accomplished.

(11) Close The IPM

Since you have organized the vehicle fuel pump relay bypass and it was successful, you can shut the IPM. Make sure you do it carefully to prevent impeding the connections.

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