Why Is My VW EPC Light Vehicle Shaking

Why Is My VW EPC Light Vehicle Shaking

Is your vehicle VW EPC Light Shaking, and are you looking for the best way to fix it? If so, you don’t need to panic because we have the solutions to your problem.

There are different reasons why the EPC light on your vehicle comes on, and the vehicle might also be shaking.

In this article, we’ve brought to you the reasons why you have a VW EPC Light vehicle Shaking difficulty, what to do when the issue occurs and how you can fix it.

When a vehicle’s VW EPC light is brightened, it signifies something wrong with your fuel and ignition system. The vehicle shaking could also indicate that your vacuum leaks or you need to replace the damaged car mounts.

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The full meaning of the EPC is Electronic power control. It helps to keep the vehicle in check. When you notice that the car light has come on, it indicates a problem with the engine, the brake system, or the power system.

When a vehicle starts shaking, it could also be a sign of a motor mount fault or a vacuum leak, so you will need to examine the vehicle and change the damaged organ as soon as possible.

Why Is My VW EPC Light Vehicle Shaking

Some of the popular reasons why your car VW EPC light comes up include; 

1. Bad brake sensor press

2. Cracked abs ring

3. Bad throttle body

4. Engine sensor failures

5. Damaged brake panel switch

6. Internal engine component failure

7. Power steering failure

8. Bad abs sensor

9. Incorrect abs wiring 

Can I Drive a shaking vehicle With an EPC Light On?

Sometimes, you might be opportune to drive a shaking VW vehicle when the EPC light is on, but it’s not ideal and unsafe. Driving a Volkswagen car while the EPC lights are on and the vehicle is also shaking could cause drastic accidents.

When the EPC arises, it indicates something is wrong with one of the vehicle components that must check.

Remember that the EPC light interacts with the automobile steering and brake systems; therefore, when you drive while the EPC light is on, you endanger yourself in probable fatal disasters and engine destruction.

If the EPC light on your VW arises, we implore you to drive the car to the nearest automobile workshop to fix the issue.

When this arises, you won’t notice any damage instantly or develop one while driving slowly and carefully. Nevertheless, you will need to visit an expert instantly to fix the issue before it leads to a severe problem.

How do I Fix the EPC Warning Light signal?

When a car’s EPC warning light comes on, it will affect the vehicle’s functionality. If you want To diagnose this issue, go through the steps below; 

● The First thing is to get an OBD1 & 2 scanner tool. After that, you insert the tool into the vehicle and scan it. Numerous trouble codes are stocked in the vehicle’s control unit whenever the EPC Warning light arises; they will display on an OBD1&2 scanner.

● The Second step is to manually analyze other destructions that could result in the EPC warning light. 

● Thirdly, check your brake light and the car’s rear light. Ensure these components are all in condition before moving forward.

After that, try to look into the vehicle’s throttle body and check if it has dirt, debris, or any carbon deposits. If you find any of these, try to clean them out.

You can use a throttle body cleaner for perfect cleaning. Furthermore, make sure every connection is appropriately made.

When you are done with the explorations, make sure you enhance the situations and make replacements where it is important. Once you have done all these, the EPC light will go off automatically.

You will also need to reset and clean the error codes; your scanner tool will do The job for you.

How can I Reset My VW EPC Light?

  • The first thing is to turn on the vehicle, then turn it off again.
  • Turn on the vehicle again and move the gas pedal down when the engine starts.
  • Check it to confirm that the issue has been rectified.
  • If it has not, try contacting a mechanic to help you fix it.
  • The above method could help you fix the issue.
  • Furthermore, try to inspect the electrical connection that is linked to the throttle.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix the EPC Light on a Volks swagmen car?

The amount you will spend to repair the EPC light differs depending on the cause. In most cases, you spend Between $100 and $400, although you can spend more.

Why Is Your Vehicle Shaking?

Most times, VW shakes for different reasons, mostly mechanical defects. For instance, it could be the engine mount issue, the engine misfiring, or a faulty spark plug.

Some other reasons include the following;

A Bad Ignition Coil

When, a vehicle ignition coil, is faulty, it can cause the vehicle to misfire, have bad acceleration, loss of power, and the car will start shaking. At this point, you will need An OBD scanner to help you get further insight into this issue.

The Best Solution is to Replace the ignition coil; you can also get one from the aftermarket.

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Unstable Tires

When a vehicle is out of alignment or the air pressure is not accurate, there is a possibility that it will start shaking while you drive. Most especially when you drive at high speed, this is a well-known reason why the vehicle shakes. The Best solution is to reach out to an expert with good knowledge about tires. A comprehensive analysis will be carried out to rectify the issue before fixing it.

A Bad Balance Driveshaft

The vehicle vigorously shakes when a driveshaft is damaged or out of balance. You will need to assess the driveshaft to see if it is broken or out of balance. It will help you know the next step to take. 

The best solution is to reach out to a skilled mechanic to help you replace the driveshaft. However, it may not be a full replacement, but it will replace the faulty components.

A Bad Engine Mount

Most Volkswagen engines have an engine mount that assists and balances the engine. When this Mount is harmed, it will prompt the engine to be erratic, and the vehicle will shake while you are driving.

At this point, you will need to repair the Mount; doing so will bring vitality to the engine and stop the shaking.

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An Uneven Brake Pad Wear

When you apply the car brake and the vehicle shake, the problem could be uneven wear in your brake pad. It could be an outcome of bad friction and lubrication.

The remedy is to get a new brake pad and inspect the vehicle rotor to ensure it is not out of specification. You will need to rectify it to meet the specification when it is out. Furthermore, reach out to an expert to help you with this.

A Worn Out Engine

When a car engine is worn out due to duration, it will misfire; this misfire could cause the vehicle to start shaking while you drive.

The best solution is to change the engine, but sometimes you only need to change a few of the engine components and get the vehicle back in good condition. Nevertheless, you need to consult a skilled sound mechanically to help you with a good conclusion.

Faulty Fuel Injector

An Engine misfire can cause a vehicle to start shaking, and a faulty fuel injector can cause a misfire. A faulty fuel injector will never spray the accurate quantity of fuel required for combustion.

The best solution is to do a proper inspection to verify that the issue is coming from a fuel injector; you will need to replace it when you’ve confirmed it.

Is it ideal for Driving a Vehicle while the EPC Light is On?

You can drive when the EPC warning light is on. Nonetheless, it is bad because it can drastically damage your car engine. Therefore whenever you notice this light turns on, try to reach out to a mechanic to fix the issue.

Does EPC Warning Light Lead to a Loss of Power?

An EPC warning light is connected to the throttle system, which monitors it, then the EPC warning light could also result in a power loss and make it tough for an engine to rev up.

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Why Does a Vehicle Suddenly Shake?

You might witness a few mechanical failures, such as unstable wheels, a bad well, or engine issues like misfiring. It could also be a spark plug issue or an injector issue. You will need an expiration for a full review.

What Prompts EPC to Light on VW?

The reasons why the EPC light on a Volkswagen could come on differs; some of the reasons could be a wiring issue, bad ABS, an engine issue, a faulty throttle surface, and many more.

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