Cars With Red Interior (2023 Updated)

Cars With Red Interior

You can’t deny the joy of owning a car with beautiful red interiors. Cars With Red Interior looks fascinating and charming. 

Red is a colour that commands so much authority and is the favourite of both male and female car owners. 

Purchasing a car is no joke, as cars are expensive to buy. It is the dream of every car owner to enjoy their ride; hence, it is vital that while checking out which car to purchase, we select the car that suits our taste. 


I have some good news for you if you’re searching for a car with a red interior. In as much as white, silver, and black are more prevalent in the market, there are a lot of red cars in the market today, and many for you to select from. 

1. Toyota Camry 

The 2023 Toyota Camry is an excellent choice for an inexpensive car with a red interior. If you select the XSE model, red leather is much more available once you order.

The Toyota Camry is an excellent choice if you’re going to purchase it. The Toyota Camry can fit five passengers comfortably, offering a very comfortable ride. 

2. Toyota Highlander 

The Toyota Highlander is an average size of the Japanese SUV, beautifully arrayed with luxury red trim. It’s a great car for weekend getaways. 

The Japanese are great fans of the colour red, and they also believe that the colour can calm the nerves. There’s a little truth in their assertion, as babies often go to sleep in the car. 

The car also has an internal LED light, and it shines spectacularly. 

3. Lexus LC 500 

The Lexus LC 500 is also on our list of the best cars with red interior. It is an incredible car designed with Circuit Red Leather and a satin metallic trim, which has made it desirable for everyone to own. 

If you’re a stylish person, there’s no doubt that you would love this car. The car is perfectly styled with a bold red interior, and driving a Lexus LC 500 is an excellent experience. 

4. The BMW MWE 

The BMW MWE comes with bucket seats or carbon fibre seats. Also, you can buy a car with soft Merino leather seats. 

The BMW costs $45,000, making it an excellent purchase for driving around the city. 

Furthermore, the BMW X3 is a rear-wheel ride with a Tacora Red interior, a zero-cost option. 

5. Honda Civic Type R 

The Honda Civic Type R falls on our list of the best cars with red interior. This exceptional car has red interiors, red car doors, red carpets, and red seat belts. So, if you’re searching for a car with red interiors, this car should be on your list. 

This vehicle is available in the USA. 

6. Porsche Macan 

The Porsche Macan model has eight different interiors. One of the car models is the Bordeaux red leather. 

The cost price of the Macan and Porsche starts from $3,880 for red options. 

If you’re looking for a car with red interiors, you should consider this car. 

7. Jaguar XE 

If you love luxury, take advantage of this car. The car is designed with highly luxurious interiors. 

Several people say that the car interiors have so much black trimming, which is true. 

It will cost you more if you need extra Mars red leather to suit your needs. 

8. Bentley Flying Spur S 

The Bentley Flying Spur S is also on our list of the best Cars With Red Interior.

You can buy the black interior Bentley Flying Spur with a bit of a touch of red interior, or you can pay more to make the whole interior red if you can afford it. If it’s something you would love to do, why not? Red is a warm and lively colour, and you deserve the relaxing feeling it brings you. 

9. Mercedes-AMG SL63 Roadster 

The Mercedes-AMG SL 63 is built with an evolved and high-level tech interior design, a turbine-like air vent hole, and a sporty seating position. 

It also has comfy front seats and a button to lower the roof. 

The car is too pricey, but it is an excellent car with bright red interiors. 

10. Mercedes S Class 

Owning a prestigious vehicle like the Mercedes S Class is a luxury. 

The car has a high-class luxury, including charming RED/BLACK Exclusive Nappa Interiors (leather). 

If you want the car to have more red interiors, that will cost you a little more. 

11. Kia K5 GT-Llne 

The car sells at a reasonable price and comes with a charming red interior and comfortable seats. 

12. Maserati Levante 

Maserati Levante has trims that you can choose from, and one of these trims is the Red Nappa, and LED lights show off the Nappa Red perfectly.


The purchase price of this car starts from $90,000. 

13. Ford Mustang 

If you’re looking for cars with bold red interiors, consider the Ford Mustang. The Ford sells at an affordable price with comfortable seats. 

14. Acura RDX (2021) 

The Acura RDX makes cars with red interiors appear magical. The Acura RDX red interiors are next to none. The 2021 model is an upgraded model. 


The cost price of Acura RDX starts from $48,000 

What Exteriors Go With Red Interiors? 

After choosing your lovely red interior, you may desire to tone down the exterior so the interior can shine. 

White, silver, Graphite, grey, and black exteriors look dashing on red. 


If you are a professional driver, you can choose to fix two downlights in the back seats. What this light will do is to illuminate the beautiful red leather. If you work as a taxi guy, your customers will love the interior as red is inviting and warm. 

It’ll also be more calming for them (your passengers) if you have a TV screen where they can see movies as you drop them to their destination.


The answer is yes. People do care about your car’s interior. People look out for your car’s interiors; if it’s welcoming, you will retain many customers.

The younger generation is so selective with the kind of cars they buy. So, plan for your interiors and take it seriously.

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