What Does Full Accessory Power Active Mean?

Full Accessory Power Active

While driving, you may notice a signal on your car dashboard. It is OK to assume that something may be wrong with your car, but you should also note that not all alerts on your dashboard are warning signs. Take, for instance, the Full Accessory Power Active, which plays a paramount role in your vehicle by providing vital information about the availability of power supply in your vehicle’s battery.

Are you a driver who has noticed this alert on your dashboard? Fasten your seat belt, and let’s ride:

What Exactly Is Full Accessory Power Active?

The Full Accessory Power Active warning is an indicator that alerts you, letting you know if your battery has enough charge to carry some accessories in your car, like the headlight, radio, or wiper. For instance, If you decide to use your radio or any supplement without knowing how low your battery is, the Full Accessory Power Active plays its’ role by signaling you on your car dashboard, informing you that your battery is low. This lets you quickly turn off any component draining your car battery.

What components in your car use your car battery?

Below are the components that use your car battery;

  • Radio
  • Power windows
  • Headlights
  • clock
  • Alarm system, etc.

What Accessories are Active with The FAP Feature

The Full Accessory Power triggers numerous car features, although it depends on the car’s make and model. Please note that the Full Accessory Power may not power some of these features in car models and makes. Below are some of the components powered by the battery in a car.

⇒ Radio: Radio is one of the most relaxing features in a car. Many car owners turn on their radio to listen to their favorite tunes or other radio programs while relaxing. The radio can be turned on even after the ignition is off because it uses the battery.

⇒ Power Windows: Your car’s power window uses the battery. This enables the car owner to roll up and down the window when needed.

⇒ Automatic Climate Control: The automatic climate control can remain active while the car is off because Full Accessory Power powers it. This car’s automatic climate control feature is essential because it makes the car owner comfortable regardless of the harsh weather. It helps the car to make adjustments to the vehicle’s temperature automatically.

⇒ Interior Lights: The Full Accessory Power also helps power the interior light, which, of course, can be very useful when needed most. When you are in a dark place, the interior light lets you see your car’s inside.

⇒ Auxiliary Power Outlets: Your phone may be down and in need of charge. The FAP enables the auxiliary to remain up and running, powering the USB charging port, which can help charge your phone.

How To Activate and Deactivate the FAP Feature

Below is the method by which you can activate and deactivate your car’s FAP:

How To Activate the FAP Feature

Let’s say you wish to activate your FAP Feature, all you need to do is to turn the key towards the accessory position, or you can tap the dash button. Although this may be the most common way of activating the FAP, it can also differ in other cars and models.

How To Deactivate the FAP Feature

To deactivate the FAP features, you have to turn your car off or tap the dash button (the same button) you used in activating the FAP. But as earlier stated, the activation and deactivation of the FAP through these methods depends majorly on the brand and make of the car.

Where Can I Find the Full Accessory Power Feature?

Some car owners may find it challenging to locate the FAP. If this is the case, then today is your lucky day. The answer to this question depends on the car’s model or brand. You can find the FAP either close to the ignition or the dashboard. It can be a switch or a button. For example, some Ford Explorer brands have a dash-mounted control and an ACC label. For the FAP feature to be activated, it needs to be pressed. If, after reading this, you are still finding it challenging to locate the FAP, you need to check the owner’s manual for guidance.

Should I Use the FAP Feature?

It would be best to use the Full Accessory Power (FAP) when it is mainly needed. For instance, you can keep the radio on when there is a critical program or when you are just relaxing and waiting in your car, keep your vehicle cool or warm while relaxing, use the wiper for a clearer view, etc. But while doing this, you should also note that these components drain the battery.

So to answer the question if you should use the Full Accessory Power (FAP), the answer is YES, but use it only when necessary, not to drain your battery quickly.

What Are The Tips To Make the Most Out of The FAP Feature

Do you want to make use of the FAP features effectively? Below are a few tips you should consider:

⇒ After a long drive, utilize the feature

After a long drive, your alternator should have fully charged your car battery. You can proceed to make use of the FAP feature after a long drive.

⇒ Limit its use to a short period

You should try to use the FAP feature for a short period. For instance, you can turn on your radio to listen to an important program and turn it off after the program ends. In other words, you should turn off any FAP feature after it has served its purpose.

⇒Turn off any unused accessories

Any FAP feature that is not being used should be turned off to preserve your battery.

⇒ Monitor the battery level

Be observant enough to check the level of your battery regularly before using the features to utilize them. If the car battery is low, it is recommended that you deactivate the FAP features and let it charge before making use of it.

Conclusion and Summary of Full Accessory Power Active

  • The FAP is an essential added feature to your vehicle.
  • It powers car components like a radio, wiper, clock, headlight, etc.
  • You can make use of it when necessary.
  • Please make use of it responsibly because it could drain your battery.
  • The FAP can be found either close to the ignition or the dashboard.
  • Use for short periods, and turn off features you are not using.
  • If it is challenging to locate the FAP, you need to check the owner’s manual for guidance.
  • To activate the Full Accessory Power (FAP), you need to turn the key towards the accessory position, or you can tap the dash button.
  • To deactivate the FAP features, you have to turn your car off or tap the dash button (the same button) you used in activating the FAP.

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